Apply for a school place

You can apply for an in-year primary or high school place via the Ealing Parent and Young Person's portal if 

  • your child wants to transfer to a different school in Ealing
  • you are moving or have recently moved into the London Borough of Ealing and need a school place for your child

    Please ensure that the following applies before continuing with your application:

    Your child is without a school place and you wish to apply for a school in Ealing


    Your child is in school and you wish to apply for an immediate transfer to a school in Ealing

    If you do not want a school place to start immediately please do not submit your application as school places will not be held open, your child will be expected to start within 2 school weeks of an offer being made. Your child must also be resident in the UK for you to apply.

    You will need to create an account or log in to your account before starting with an application

    Start my application 

    For more information on in year admissions please visit the in-year admission pages on the council website