Education, Health and Care Plan's- Parent and Young Person's Portal Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. I’m a Parent and the school submitted an Ealing Request for Statutory Assessment (ERSA) with my consent to use Parent Portal – when can I get my login details?

A. Once the decision to assess has been agreed you will be sent an email with a letter containing the link to create an account. Click on the link and fill in the form. For more details about Education, Health and Care Plans, visit

Q. I have a Parent Portal account but I have forgotten the login details?

A. Go to the sign in page and select the “forgot password” button. Enter your email address and you will receive a token to change your password. For technical difficulties contact

Q. Can I submit a Parent Request for Statutory Assessment through the portal?

A. Parent Request for Statutory Assessments cannot be submitted through the portal. They should be sent to SENAS at 

Q. Can both parents contribute to the portal separately?

A. Only one account can be issued per family so if more than one Parent needs access then select email or letters option. There can only be one main account holder on the portal.

Q. I have started using the Parent Portal but now want to go back to receiving letters?

Contact your Education, Health, Care Coordinator for further advice. Their details will be in email that was sent to you to confirm receipt of the Ealing Request for Statutory Assessment (ERSA).

Q How long will the parent portal keep logged in for on my computer?

A. The account will lock after 20 minutes of inactivity so you will need to sign in again. Please save your work regularly.

For further guidance on how to use the portal, you can visit the guidance pages: How to use the Parent and Young Person's Portal - Education, Health and Care Plans (internal link)