How to contribute to your Parent/Carer and Child/Young Person's Views on the Parent and Young Person's Portal 

You can contribute to your parent/carer and child/young person's views (Appendix A ) on the portal. You should only complete this once you have have received a decision to proceed with an assessment from your Education, Health and Care Co-Ordinator (EHCCo).

The questions in this form are optional, and can simply be used as a guide to ensure you and your child/young person’s views are captured. You can choose to submit different questions or information if you feel the form does not best represent you and your child/young person’s views. If you wish to submit different information, you can upload this to the portal as a document. 

Step 1:  Sign In 

Go to the Sign In page and enter your email address or username, click Next and then enter your unique password and click 'Sign In'. If you do not remember your password, please visit Forgotten my account password (internal link)

Step 2: Finding your parent/carer and child/young person's views form 

Now that you are logged in, you will be taken to your Account Home page. Scroll down to the Other Information section and select Parent and Child / Young Person Views

You should now be taken to your Parent/Carer and Child/ Young Person’s views page. This is where parent/carers and children/young people provide their views.  

Scroll down the page to the child and young person views and parent/carer comments.

Fill in your views in each of the boxes. 

You have now completed the form – please type your name in the Parent / Carer signature box

Step 3: Submitting your parent/carer and child/young person's views form 

Select the Save button. This can be found at the end of the page, as well as under the Actions tab at the side of the page. 

Step 4:  Uploading Documents in your Parent/Carer and Child Young Person's Views 

• Formats accepted are PDF or JPEG – we cannot accept photos or videos

Go to the Jump to Section tab to the right of the page and click Document Upload.

You will be taken to the document upload section. To add a document, click on the Add New Document button

A blank form will appear and in the Title box, type the name of the document you would like to upload. The example document below is called Report

Click on the Date Uploaded box and select today’s date from the calendar.

Now click Upload a file button.

A pop-up window will open with your folders for you to select the document you would like to upload.

Select the document and click open.

Once you have opened the document click Save found under Actions to the right of the page

The document will now appear in the Document History List.

Further Assistance and Information

If you require further assistance or are experiencing technical difficulties, please contact ICT via email:

The account will lock after 20 minutes of inactivity, so you will need to sign in again. Please make sure you save your work regularly.