How to view your Ealing Request for Statutory Assessment (ERSA) 

Once you have signed into your Parent and Young Person's portal account and have been provided with access, you will be able to view your Ealing Request for Statutory Assessment (ERSA). 

You can follow the below steps to show you how you can view your ERSA, alternatively you can watch this step-by-step video to guide you through the process. 

Step 1: Sign In 

Go to the Sign In page : Sign in (internal link) enter your email address or username, click Next and then enter your unique password and click 'Sign In'

If you have forgotten your password please visit: Forgotten my account password (internal link)

Step 2: Finding your Ealing Request for Statutory Assessment (ERSA) 

Now that you are logged in, you will be taken to your Account Home page:

Scroll down to the Other Information section.

Select the Document, Letter and Notification History button

On this page, find the ‘Child Document History List’. Select the row titled ‘ERSA’. It will highlight blue once selected.

Directly under the document list, you will see a section called Document Upload.

Under Download Document you can click Download to download your document. 

The ERSA Document will open in a new tab.

Further Assistance and Information

If you require further assistance or are experiencing technical difficulties, please contact ICT via email:

The account will lock after 20 minutes of inactivity, so you will need to sign in again. Please make sure you save your work regularly.